Nano Barahona

519 Evans Hall · Berkeley, CA 94720-3880 ·

I am an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley’s Economics Department.

My main interests lie in the fields of industrial organization and public economics.


On the geography of vintage-specific restrictions

with Carlos Fardella, Juan Pablo Montero, and Felipe Sepúlveda
Resource and Energy Economics, 75, October 2023, 101405

Equilibrium effects of food labeling policies

Econometrica, 91(3), May 2023, 839–868

Vintage-specific driving restrictions

Review of Economic Studies, 87(4), July 2020, 1646–1682

Working Papers

Single-Threshold Food Labeling Policies

with Cristóbal Otero, Sebastián Otero, and Joshua Kim
Last update: December 2023

Causal Interpretation of Structural IV Estimands

Last update: October 2023

Skin in the Game: College's Financial Incentives and Student Outcomes

Last update: October 2023

Affirmative Action in Centralized College Admissions Systems

Last update: September 2023

The Equilibrium Effects of Subsidized Student Loans

Last update: July 2022